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It’s a hard thing when you contemplate digging your own grave and jumping in. But Rench figured it may be easier than what was in store. After all, most people run away when they see Bigfoot. They don’t challenge him to an arm wrestling match. And they certainly don’t win. That is to say they don’t cheat, because nobody beats Bigfoot at arm wrestling fair and square. Fate had other things in store for Rench, and before he could look for a shovel, he felt the lick of the flames from the raging forest fire advancing. “This isn’t over!” yelled Bigfoot as they ran from the fire, but Rench could not hear Bigfoot’s last words over the beating of the wings of mighty eagles, talons clutching at his Panhandle Slim original western wear shirt as they lifted him to safety. And so it was that Rench dedicated himself to make music awesometacular enough to pay adequate tribute to the majestic creature that had once threatened him so, and who so little deserved to die a fiery death. He succeeded with the help of his friends like the Lonesome Sisters andGangstagrass. Whether its a Rench block rockin'  honky-tonk show or a full blown Gangstagrass party, they blow minds from coast to coast. But as each amazing performance draws to an end, Rench takes a quick look at the exits, knowing that Bigfoot’s remains were never found, and preparing for the night he sees the bouncer out cold at the enormous hairy feet of an angry sasquatch.

So tonight as you sit comfortably at home, not a care in the world about meeting your untimely end at the hands of Bigfoot, put on some of Rench's low down dirty honky-tonk with mad beats and appreciate the cruel ironies of this lonely dust storm we call life.