Mystery Box of Mystery!


Mystery Box of Mystery!


Welcome to Friday October 13th! Blast your fall 2017 into overdrive with an amazing box of juicy mementos, quirky items, and the most random things every to pass through the Rench Audio studio. You will say "what the heck?" as you unpack the many assorted things in this box. It' full of weird things! Why are they there? Because science.

In addition to a big pile of highly exclusive and unique items only to be found in this box, you will find:

  • a Rench Audio box set of 8 CDs (thats worth $100) not available anywhere else
  • at least 10 additional CDs from members of Gangstagrass and our friends (another $100+ of stuff) - Dolio solo CD, R-SON solo EP, Dan Whitener solo EP, Dan Whitener solo album Samantha Martin CD, Michaela Anne CD, Blue Plate Special CD, This is Brooklyn Country Compliation, 2 limited edition Gangstagrass promo discs, and a couple other goodies.
  • an apparel package of Gangstagrass hat and bandana and two shirts, one of which is not available anywhere else. I will email you for your size on these. (worth at least $50)
  • two USB drives with bonus material (worth $20)
  • 3 assorted vinyl records (worth $30)
  • limited edition posters, stickers, flyers and more
  • one western style pearl snap shirt men's large (from Rench's personal collection!)

Oh man, that's some good stuff! You will be able to lay out all these goodies across an entire floor if you want! Just roll around on them! But the real hotness of this box is the little unexpected things you will find if you are a Gangstagrass / Rench fan. You may recognize things from our our music videos! You may get things from our tours that nobody else has! And you will also find some straight up weird and random things that Rench is laughing while dropping in the box!

There are only two boxes and this is your only chance to get them, they will sell quick!

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