Pocket Full Of Fire: Gangstagrass Live

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Pocket Full Of Fire: Gangstagrass Live


The highly anticipated live album featuring recordings of dynamic and intense live performances at six venues across the country. Features the classic 2018 Lineup of Rench, Dan Whitener, Landry McMeans, R-SON The Voice Of Reason, and Dolio The Sleuth.

These performances are completely new renditions of songs from the studio albums and three new tracks. The Gangstagrass stage performance has evolved every song into a new piece, and the band takes full advantage of the improvisation and spontaneity of bluegrass and hip-hop to unleash real live energy on stage. Fans have been freaking out over the live shows for years, now you can bring it home.

1. Barnburning (Live)

2. Keep Talking (Live)

3. You Can Never Go Home Again (Live)

4. Red River (Live)

5. Nowhere To Run (Live)

6. Long Grey River (Live)

7. Gunslinging Rambler (Live)

8. Bound To Ride (Live)

9. Home (Live)

10. All For One (Live)

11. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Live)

12. Ain't No Stopping (Live)

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