Rench - Them's The Breaks

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Rench - Them's The Breaks


The new album “Them’s The Breaks” establishes Rench’s mastery at layering thumping beats seamlessly with wailing steel guitar licks and high lonesome harmonies. It displays the breadth of his musical palette with tracks that veer from party banger to melancholic introspection, from anthemic hooks to understated ruminations. This is Americana in its true exploration of the possibilities when an artist is equally influenced by Gram Parsons and Outkast. Beatboxing is done through a

harmonica, pedal steel guitar notes are scratched in via turntable, and a Hank Williams cover is interrupted by a drum loop you might expect from a Kanye track. Could this embody a deeper, more forward thinking form of ‘Americana’ to meet the 21st century? Dive in and find out.

15 tracks, featuring:

Rench - vocals, guitar, beats
Amanda Neill - vocals
Kirsty Rock - vocals
Mamie Minch - vocals
Jessica Basta - vocals
Glenn Spivack - pedal steel guitar, resonator guitar
Bennett Paster - wurlitzer piano, clavinet piano
Tina Lama - bass
CR Avery - harmonica
Prepmode - turntables
Dan Whitener - banjo
Michi “Ten Fingers” Wiancko - fiddle
Todd Livingston - telecaster guitar

Produced by Rench
Recorded at Rench Audio and Benny’s Wash And Dry
Brooklyn, NY

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