The Full Set: Rench Audio Box Set CDs plus more


The Full Set: Rench Audio Box Set CDs plus more

from 89.00

Do you want your collection to be complete? Get 13 CDs in one scoop! This is the only way you get the exclusive Rench Audio box set box with eight albums:

  • Rench: Life In Mean Season
  • Rench: Elkhorn Riders
  • Rench: Worn Down Low
  • Rench: Them's The Breaks
  • Gangstagrass: Lighting On The Strings, Thunder On The Mic
  • Gangstagrass: Rappalachia
  • Gangstagrass: Broken Hearts and Stolen Money
  • Gangstagrass: American Music

And on top of that, you will get 5 bonus CDs:

  • Samantha Martin: Send The Nightingale (produced by Rench)
  • Dan Whitener: Crossover (produced by Rench)
  • The Weal and Woe: The One To Blame (produced by Rench)
  • Dolio The Sleuth: Official Soundtrack to a Work In Progress
  • Michaela Anne: Ease My Mind

This is an insane deal, and any Rench/Gangstagrass fans should take this opportunity to make sure they have it all.

For people who really, really, really want it to be complete, there are a few copies of out of print albums Above Market Value and What We Do that can be added for extra cost by choosing the "Tycoon Pack".

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