B-Star, A.K.A. Battlestar America, A.K.A. Battlestar was a seven piece honky-tonk hip-hop band in Brooklyn that kicked ass. Members included Rench, Veronica Dougherty, Brian "Po-Dawg" Pocius, Michi "Ten Fingers" Wiancko, gOAt, Dolio The Sleuth, and Danny "Danny Miami" Invuoldstadt.

"Battlestar America's departure from a traditional country sound goes beyond pairing laconic rappers and energetic turntablists with background harmonies and fiddling: on its album Above Marke Value, the front man, Rench, sings with a slow drawl about job losses, striving, union organizing, and other socialist concerns." 
- The New Yorker Magazine
"Adding hip-hop beats, raps and turntables to the plaintive wail of Hank Williams, This is a band as comfortable with Cypress Hill's 'How I Could Just Kill a Man' as with Dolly Parton's '9 to 5.'" 
- Isaac Guzman, New York Daily News
 "Rocking two turntables and a fiddle, Battlestar America will get you bobbing your head until your neck turns red." 
- Vibe Magazine, December2004